Services and Competences

Range of Services

The overall range of services of Bodywear Consulting Dizayn A.S. is divided into three major competencies: retail, industry, workshops & seminars. In each building block we work on holistic approaches and draw on any relevant potential to ensure continuous further development.


The BCD Consulting concept includes four overall services that build on  and harmonize with each other: analysis, planning, consulting and continuous optimization.

Over the entire consulting period, BCD will evaluate your short-term income statement on a monthly basis, thus continuously optimizing and analyzing your bodywear department, so that opportunities and potentials can be recognized and exploited immediately. As a full BCD consulting partner, you benefit from exceptional supplier conditions.

Bodywear Consulting Dizayn A.S. accompanies you with a goal-leading sales area planning to an increase in yield. Down to the smallest detail, we take care to tailor the product group shares exactly to the department and at the same time create a breathtaking ambience for your customers. The strengths of your company are set to a new level by square meters of precise analyses of the new lingerie department, and the best possible results are drawn from the potentials of it.

Based on the location and consumer analysis, BCD creates a marketing plan that is most effective for your department. The plan will be adapted to your budget and expanded with possible measures. BCD works closely with the industry to give you the best possible result.


In addition to the general marketing plan, we also create interesting concepts for fashion shows and Lingerie-Nights, which we then carry out for you. From the booking of the models to the choreography, BCD takes over the entire implementation.

At the heart of our qualitative consulting and analysis, are quantitative market data and benchmarks – thus any estimation can also be proven measurably.


With BCD TRIS (trading information system) as well as through continuous, international market observations and industry analyses, we achieve accurate evaluations at all levels.

Overview of BCD TRIS possibilities:

1  Limit and revenue planning with inclusion of our benchmark

2  KPI controlling

3  Product control

4  Info about the department and its products as well as sqm-performance

5  Assortment optimization, NOS optimization

6  Economic evaluation of target and actual figures


The 4-phase-concept focuses on a successful market entry in Germany or Turkey. This developed concept consists of four milestones:

1   Market and competition analysis

2  Product and conditions

3  Marketing

4  Sales distribution and eCommerce

Each company has its own identity and therefore different demands. From the outset, the team of Bodywear Consulting Dizayn A.S. will deal with your corporate culture and, together with you and your team, create a successful course with measurable results at each milestone.

“Consumers today have too many choices and must constantly be reminded that you exist.”

In order for a marketing strategy to be successful, it must be implemented in a complex, realistic and consistent manner over time. The message should focus on the development of the reputation of your brand and on the consumer confidence around this brand.


BCD offers interactive workshops and trainings on different topics and focuses on the attainment and/or refreshment of subject-specific knowledge, as well as the realisation of the learned.


Current workshops:

The constant transfer of knowledge has a major influence on the development possibilities of each individual. Further training enables a high competitive advantage and also increases motivation and drive to personal self-realization.


Current seminars:

  • Bodywear-competence-training seminar – 16.October 2017
  • Sales & Motivation – 23. & 24. October 2017

Our  talks focus on future-oriented measures for trade and industry, as well as forecasts and trends.


Current talks:

  • Bodywear Sector Trends Germany – Market data on consumer behaviour and its consequences and opportunities (24. July 2017 – Supreme Body & Beach Munich)
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